Hina Live @ COP 22- Climate Change Conference

“Malama”- Short Feature Film Release at COP 22

 Marrakesh, Morocco

“Time to Protect the Oceans”

OCEAN’S DAY- November 12, 2016

We are proud to announce the premiere of “Malama” –Time to Protect the Ocean short feature film on Ocean’s Day, November 12, 2016 at the COP 22- Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh, Morocco.

“Malama” is the first of our Earth Legends series of short films that call on the wisdom of cultures around the world to inform our collective global action on climate today in healthy ways and inspire our sustainable future.

“Malama” is a modern myth, inspired by the Kumo Lipo-the Hawaiian creation chant and the revered character of Hina, who is considered the mother of the coral reef, the protector of the fishers, the messenger of the moon, and in many cases, the voice of the ocean in the native Hawaiian tradition. Natural Intelligence Media shot the film following the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii, where US President Obama declared the expansion of more than 582,000 square-miles of land and sea around the Hawaiian islands, quadrupling the size of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.

Subsequently, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Waitt Foundation, Blue Moon Fund, and the GEF (Global Environment Facility) announced a $48 million USD commitment to expand the marine protected areas. (MPAs). Naoko Ishii in announcing the GEF$33 million USD contribution to the fund expressed, “These new funds will help ensure the protection of valuable marine and coastal ecosystems worldwide, our vital global commons.” This international action was soon followed by a trilateral country commitment among the presidents of Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Columbia to further expand some of the world’s most biodiverse ocean waters to 83,600 square miles, to exchange nautical charts, and to protect the underwater “highways” for the sea turtles, sharks, and other migrating marine wildlife.

Malama” is a celebration of these actions and an invitation for everyone to assume our naturally intelligent stewardship responsibly for our blue ocean commons- to learn more about its vast biodiversity, to expand the MPAs, to fish responsibly, to reduce the plastics pollution, to repair the coral reefs… to personally connect to our world’s oceans. We protect what we love.

“Malama” is a lighthouse warning from the depths of the ocean, laced with an Alice-In-Wonderland mystique; island tone and texture. It’s the story about Hina, a 22-year old graduate from the Oceanography Institute and the School of Fine Arts in Hawaii. In the story, she has just started her internship as the Creative Designer for the Lighthouse Conservation Group. They are tasked to prepare a keystone image for their aspirational campaign to expand the marine protected areas from 4% to 30%. Already the UN Summit produced the 17 Global Goals with Goal 14 aiming to increase the MPA’s to 10% globally by 2020.