“InSpire” is a 5 minute EPIC short feature focusing on unifying the world’s voices from different nations around our collective long term Global Goals to Avoid Climate Tipping Points and to ensure a viable world for the Seventh Generation Future.

The film is a Natural Intelligence Media Production. It was produced with all natural light on an Arri Alexa, with extraordinary contributions by top creative talent, lots of love and compassion for each other and the sacred earth, a deep and authentic commitment to bringing the voice of the future to the COP 21 climate change conversation…and potlatch- style native hospitality. Thank you again to everyone who contributed to OUR FILM for COP 21.

“InSpire” premiered at the official opening of the UN Climate Summit’s Young and Future Generation’s Day- designated by the UNFCCC as a “celebration of youth power and participation at UN Climate Change Conferences.” We were honored by the UNFCCC to be a part with our Earth Guardian collaborators on the “InSpire” film project. In fact, Xiuhtezcatl- the leader of the young musicians dedicated to climate action was the keynote speaker of the event to follow our short film projection to a room, brimming with youth representatives and youth advocates that literally covered the map. It was a powerful moment and brilliant, soul-filled presentation by Xiuhtezcatl, where everyone, including Christiana Figueres (UNFCCC Executive Secretary), commented on the native wisdom Xiuhtezcatl channelled—calling us to look to the sky for our future energy needs. Wisdom such as this, we worked to creatively integrate into our “InSpire” film, where not only did Xiuhtezcatl gift us with his cameo appearance, but his sister, Tonantzin and his brother, Itzcuauhtli; feature in the film, as the moon sister and sun brother, who must save the world from “fueling the flames of climate change with their angry words”; and instead “inspire the world to creatively, constructively come to collective compromises that benefit all life, well into the future.

Our film then screened throughout the COP 21 at other venues; such as the country pavilions, the climate studio, UNEP’s Social Innovation Forum.

This film is a gift to organizations, governments, civil society groups, UN organizations who would like to play this film during their side events, programs, summits, and gatherings to “InSpire”!!!!