Discover Your Own Natura Vera. Enliven Your Home with Nature’s Grace.

What is Natura Vera?

Natura Vera is the nature of our being, our natural being, our being in nature, the being-ness of nature…and all the wisdom nature teaches us about our commonly innate and uniquely diverse natural intelligence.

How do we awaken Natural Intelligence in Ourselves and Homes?

We awaken our Natura Vera by inviting Nature’s Wisdom to Inspire us through Books, Courses, Media that resonates with us and by enriching our home environments with Nature’s Art and Ambience

Nature's Resolutions

Nature’s Inspirations

We can make a declaration to reclaim our true nature (Natura Vera) and explore nature’s wisdom that may positively inspire our actions and lifestyle choices.

Nature’s Reflection

We can reflect on our true nature (Nature Vera) by inviting the photography and poetry in Nature’s Reflection Gallery into our homes that most resonates with us.

Nature's Gallery
Nature's Secrets

Nature’s Ambience

We can enrich our home environments with elements and energies collected from different cultural traditions to awaken our Natural Vera in our homes and worlds.

Nature's Courses

We can awaken the Natura Vera hero in all of us and for the benefit of our world through life skills trainings, practical courses, and journal activities that connect us with our inner wisdom.

Nature's Journey