NI Media Earth Legends Film Series

Our stories embody the values of our world cultures and play an important intergenerational role in continuing to shape the norms, lifestyles, and responses of our global society to the social, environmental, political, and economic challenges of our time.
The “Earth Legends” films are hero’s driven, scripted narratives based on legends of the past, re-purposed today to breathe life into our future. This series is critical now to our cultural evolution for they help us design forward our best futures. We live in extraordinary times where every decision we make may vitally determine the course of our future, the degree of impact we have on our environment, and our level of resilience to earth’s changing systems. If we are to transition to a new innovative clean energy economy, a thriving and peaceful geo-political society, a sustainable and healthy natural world; then we will need stories that remind us of our core cultural truths, highlight sustainable progress made, and guide us to adapt, survive, and ultimately thrive.

Leaving Legacy

Ensuring Humanity’s Naturally Intelligent Health


Coming Soon!


Time to Protect the Oceans


COP 22 Film


Ready to Light the World on Fire?

# Ready to Inspire?

COP 21 Film

Nature's Secrets

Because We Need a New Story… And Nature Holds the Secret.

UN Summit Film