Nature's Courses

Natural Intelligence

We tap into central intelligence to assess trends, to make important decisions, and to launch sensitive missions. We pool our national intelligence from different agencies and resources to optimize our foreign relations and national security interests. We build artificial intelligence platforms, software, robotics to perform work faster, organize knowledge more efficiently, and even begin to create new knowledge. We encourage natural talent in different areas; like sports, medicine, music, philosophy, art, and science.
Why not also source our natural intelligence for solving our personal and shared challenges? 

Time to Show Up in the World as our Best Naturally Intelligent Heroic Selves

NI Core Course

It’s time to become heroic actors in designing forward a future that benefits all. When I was alive and young I was trained by the world’s most extraordinary wisdom leaders. I’ve taken good notes and offer you now these practical core trainings to enhance your life and those around you. May this be a Vital Resource for You (Us) to Survive and to Thrive Well into our Seventh Generation Future!