Natural Intelligence is a lifestyle.

To live in a naturally intelligent way is to act first from our inner wisdom, to honour and respect the native cultures and traditions from where we come: to resource and mimic nature’s evolutionary designs and survival strategies sustainably and shrewdly; so that we may live well and in harmony with others.

Natural Intelligence is our company.

Our Natural Intelligence company is an online resource center offering premium nature-inspired art, ambience, books, and courses to help awaken your natural intelligence and empower you to live this higher quality, healthier, happier lifestyle.

Natural Intelligence is Our Commitment to You

 Over the next millennium, we will produce nature-inspired resources to enliven our homes and offices. We will script cultural narratives, design multi-sensory experiences, create reflective art and meditations imbued with natural intelligence to awaken our innate wisdom, ancient native knowing, and nature’s intelligent evolutionary design.

Natural Intelligence is our Invitation to You

if you are health conscious, if you are innovative, if you love nature; if you want to create a happy home….

(TBC); then we might be the resource for  you.

We invite you to join us on this journey to awaken natural intelligence in ourselves and in our world. Indeed, it is our human+nature to:

Re-discover and to re-member our natural wisdom (NI); in order to…
Re-claim and to re-activate nature’s wisdom in our daily lives; in order to…
Re-create solutions in our daily lives to challenges in health, education, environment, economics, and politics; in order to…

Re-enforce our stewardship role to one another and to the larger dynamic natural tapestry of life.